About us

   The best advice of our quality work can provide successfully implemented objects, which you can see here.

   As guarantee of quality can serve the names of our suppliers. Among them, ABBGTVOMS, PlexiformSLVElektro-plast, TM Technologie, EBECO, VADSBO, ETI, LIVA Group, OBO Bettermann, MAX-LED, INTELIGHT and many others. Lighting design of buildings and premises - one of the activities of the company, the quality of which is confirmed by the confidence of customers to our company.


   The product range of the company "ENERGY GROUP LV" are well represented electric materials and lighting, which can satisfy any need. Lighting for home, garden, offices, commercial buildings and industrial facilities,  any type, range and power of light bulbs, sockets, switches, circuit breakers, sensors, fuses, electric meters, cables, ducts, tools for electricians and builders - this is not full range of products.

   The works of leading European designers in lighting sphere, combined with modern and high-quality optical technology can satisfy the needs of any style. Project managers will help you to select and calculate the required number of fixtures and will guide you from project start to completion. If you are interested in wholesale trade, wholesale manager will offer you the most  favorable conditions for trade. For architects and designers, we offer a wide selection of exclusive, modern fixtures, an individual approach, and working conditions, which will pleasantly surprise you.

   We are very pleased to meet you at any time and place, to help solve your issues related to electrical instalation and lighting projects!


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