Underfloor heating

   We think having beautiful warm floors should be simple and safe. That is why we have reliable and energy-efficient products and offer a 25 year guarantee on our underfloor heating systems. At Ebeco, we have been working with electric underfloor heating for almost forty years. Read more about how underfloor heating works.

   Whether you want to heat a whole house, a cellar or a small bathroom, there is a heating solution from Ebeco to suit you. We have four underfloor heating systems to suit different conditions and needs. Our underfloor heating guide is a useful tool if you need help in finding the best solution for your needs.


      To request a price and availability of goods, please use the order form below or call - 00371 67281291.


Product range:



Apsildes paklājs TF160 1.05m2 165W 0.5x2.1m EBECO 5560165
Apsildes paklājs TF160 1.3m2 220W 0.5x2.6m EBECO 5560220
Apsildes paklājs TF160 1.7m2 275W 0.5x3.4m EBECO 5560275
Apsildes paklājs TF160 2.24m2 365W 0.5x4.48m EBECO 5560365 (55606)
Apsildes paklājs TF160 2.7m2 430W 0.5x5.4m EBECO 5560430
Apsildes paklājs TF160 3.2m2 510W 0.5x6.4m EBECO 5560510
Apsildes paklājs TF160 3.6m2 580W 0.5x7.2m EBECO 5560580
Apsildes paklājs TF160 4.4m2 690W 0.5x8.8m EBECO 5560690 (55614)
Apsildes paklājs TF160 5.4m2 870W 0.5x10.8m EBECO 5560870 (55616)
Apsildes paklājs TF160 6.5m2 1025W 0.5x13m EBECO 5561030 (55618)
Apsildes paklājs TF160 7.9m2 1270W 0.5x15.8m EBECO 5561270 (55620)
Apsildes paklājs TF160 9.3m2 1480W 0.5x18.6m EBECO 5561480 (55622)
Apsildes paklājs TF160 11.5m2 1840W 0.5x23m EBECO 5561840 (55624)
Apsildes paklājs TF160 13.9m2 2230W 0.5x27.8m EBECO 5562230
Sensors jumta, mitruma un t* reg. prieks EB-Therm 800 EBECO 8935075
Sensors zeme, mitruma un t* reg. WARMUP ETOG-55
Termoregulātors DIN (0 +10C) WARMUP ETR2-1550 (prieks ETOG-55)
Termoregulātors EB-Therm 400 (+5-+35 ar grīdas un gaisa sensoriem) EBECO 8581609
Termoregulātors EB-Therm 500 (+5-+35 ar grīdas un gaisa sensoriem) EBECO 8581603
Termoregulātors EB-Therm 55 (+5-+45 ar grīdas un gaisa sensoriem) EBECO 8581605
Termoregulātors EB-Therm 800 DIN (-20 +45 ar grīdas sensoru) EBECO 8581610
Wi-Fi modulis priekš EB-Therm 500 EB-Connect Wifi EBECO 8581604