LED fixtures recessed

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Product range:


LED panelis 295x1195 42W 4000K 3200lm IP44 GTV LD-KNG42312-NB KING
LED panelis 595x595 31W 4000K 4250lm OMS K032AE0362 AD-FREYN II
LED panelis 595x595 36W 3000K 4010lm PRATO IP44/40 UGR<15 Ra84 PXF PF4091056
LED panelis 595x595 36W 4000K 4320lm IP44/40 UGR<15 PXF PRATO PF4091062
LED panelis 595x595 37W 4000K 3800lm IP40 OMS T056CB0001 EZAR 417001
LED panelis 595x595 40W 4000K 4000lm IP30 MAXLED 5901812469793 UGR<19
LED panelis 595x595 42W 3000K 3200lm IP54 GTV LD-KNG42060-CB KING
LED panelis 595x595 42W 4000K 3200lm IP54 GTV LD-KNG42060-NB KING
Regipša stiprinajuma ramis 600x600 PX2070180
Regipša stiprinajumi LED paneliem MAXLED 5901969088267