LED fixtures surfaced

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Product range:



LED gaismeklis 1,2W 6400k OPAL GTV LD-OP15ZB-00
LED gaismeklis 13W 1020lm 2900K GTV V/A LD-ORN13W-CB
LED gaismeklis 13W 1020lm 4000K GTV V/A LD-ORN13W-NB
LED gaismeklis 19W 1520lm 2900K GTV V/A LD-ORN19W-CB
LED gaismeklis 19W 1520lm 2900K GTV V/A LD-ORN19W-CBP
LED gaismeklis 19W 1520lm 4000K GTV V/A LD-ORN19W-NBP
LED gaismeklis 24W 2000lm 3000K GTV V/A LD-ORN24W-CBP
LED gaismeklis 24W 2000lm 4000K GTV V/A LD-ORN24W-NBP
LED gaismeklis 18W max.1800lm 3000/4000/6400K IP44 LD-KAR18W-CCT GTV
LED gaismeklis 20W 1800lm 4000K IP40 L-600mm ASPEN LD-OLL20W-NB GTV
LED gaismeklis 25W max.2500lm 3000/4000/6400K IP44 LD-KAR25W-CCT GTV
LED gaismeklis 40W 3600lm 4000K IP40 L-1200mm ASPEN LD-OLL40W-NB GTV
LED panelu ramis v/a 300x1200 RM-KNG300X120-00 GTV
LED panelu ramis v/a 600x600 RM-KNG60X60-00 GTV
LED paneļu piekare 1.0 m LINKI MAXLED
LED paneļu piekare LK-PANELX4-00 1m GTV (4gab.)